CashCast: A podcast from the CALP Network

CVA: catching up with people on the move in the Americas

September 29, 2022 CaLP (Cash Learning Partnership)
CashCast: A podcast from the CALP Network
CVA: catching up with people on the move in the Americas
Show Notes

In this episode we explore with experts the topic of humanitarian responses in contexts of human mobility. We discuss the challenges as well as the opportunities and innovations that exist when it comes toto effectively delivering recipient centered CVA in the Americas. 

Given this context, this episode of CashCast our panel of experts explores a series of questions, including:  

  • What are the problems that Cash and Voucher Assistance actors should be resolving around  human mobility? 
  • How can we start to consider different populations according to their distinctive attributes, so that we can provide the most effective solutions?  
  • What changes are needed in the way that CVA is delivered so that interventions do not inadvertently increase the vulnerability of people on the move? 

The host and guests are: 

  • Holly Welcome Radice (host) – Regional Representative – Americas, the CALP Network. 
  • Paula Gil Baizan – Independent consultant. 
  • Lucia Steinberg - Global Cash and Voucher Assistance specialist – Danish Refugee Council.  

We invite you to listen in on this fascinating and in-depth conversation. 

The idea for this episode of the CashCast emerged from this recent study People are on the move: can the world of CVA keep up? Analysis of the use of CVA in the context of human mobility in the Americas, commissioned by the CALP Network. To learn even more take a look at the study and associated resources (theseinclude a blog post and a PowerPoint presentation summarizing the main findings of the study). 

 This episode is published along with a Spanish episode that explores this same topic. 

The CashCast is an occasional podcast from the CALP Network that looks in depth at the critical debates in humanitarian cash and voucher assistance (CVA).